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Our Covid 19 Policy and Procedures are here

Updated June 10th, 2021

Hennepin County recognizes us as an essential senior service. As of June 2021, at least 91% of our employees have been fully vaccinated. 

Gentle Transitions is doing our best to assure the health and safety of our clients and employee group by following careful protocol and CDC guidance.  We are also in ongoing communication with the senior communities and buildings where we conduct moves, assuring that there have been no cases (for the past 14 days) in the area of the community in which we work.

If our client or family members request being present during the move, we require that they wear masks if they have not been vaccinated, and allow us to keep six feet for social distancing.  If that is not possible, we request that the family/client not be present.



When entering a senior community, GT employees are requested to complete a wellness screening and temperature check.



We are aware that it may be challenging due to space restrictions but we do our best to limit staff numbers on job so that we can meet social distancing recommendations.  When in a client’s home/apartment, whenever possible, we make an attempt to keep a safe distance between client/families and our co-workers.



Our Gentle Transitions Supply Assistant will provide CDC required PPE including masks, gloves and sanitizer.   Some communities require additional PPE, which they provide.

Our staff will wear masks if they are not vaccinated (91%+ of them are fully vaccinated), and we kindly ask that non-vaccinated clients and family do the same.

For those employees, clients and families who are vaccinated, we will not wear masks as long as everyone involved is comfortable. If there is any question or hesitation, we'll all mask up.

The vast majority of senior communities still require masks at all time, and we happily comply with this policy, as we know that safety is top priority.



For the health and safety of our employees and the residents in the building where we are working, we ask that the apartment doors are kept closed during packs and unpacks to discourage other resident drop-ins and support social distancing.



In addition, whenever possible, we are asking Move Managers to request minimal family presence during our moves.



For health, safety and social distancing, we ask that our client’s refrain from having additional people in their homes/apartments while the Gentle Transitions team is present (e.g. Maintenance, Marketing, Nursing, furniture deliveries, etc.).

We all hope and pray for a return to full "normalcy" sooner than later, but also know that situations change daily and that we work with a vulnerable population. We will continue to provide updates as necessary, and encourage you to contact our office with any questions or concerns you may have.

We thank all involved for their confidence in Gentle Transitions to provide a high level of service with safety in mind.