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Frequently Asked Questions About Senior Moves

Here are some of the common questions people ask us about Gentle Transitions Senior Move Management Services...

Your Gentle Transitions Move Manager will make a move plan with you, outlining each step to be taken.

It is never too soon to get a complimentary assessment, which can ease your worries. It depends on what needs to be done prior to the move.

For example, for those clients who need an estate sale, that process can take a month or more to arrange.

Everyone’s needs are different, so it is best to contact us as soon as you decide to make a move.

Absolutely. Remember, however, that boxes get stacked in the moving truck, so a good packing job with the right supplies is important. You are responsible for the items in the boxes you pack.

Your Gentle Transitions Senior Relocation Move Manager can help lay out your new floor plan, measuring the rooms and working with you to decide what items you want and what will realistically fit in your new home.

Our Move Managers are trained to become valued resources for downsizing.  Whether you need resources for estate sale planners, appraisers, consignment shops, charitable organizations, online sales, we are happy to help. 

Our Move Managers plan, coordinate, and manage all aspects of your move.

We are not a moving company. However, as part of our services, we typically hire the moving company on our clients' behalf. As movers are an extension of what we do, we only hire the best moving companies to transport your cherished belongings. We hold them to the same high standards to which we hold ourselves.

Each move is unique and the amount of assistance that each client would like varies.  As a result, since our inception, we have always offered a complimentary visit where we provide an estimate of costs for each individual's circumstances.  

Yes. We plan and pack (or unpack) for long-distance moves. We also can assist in locating a similar service on the other end.

Absolutely! We help families of all ages who want or need someone to assist in the moving and re-settling process.

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