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We have exciting employment opportunities at Gentle Transitions®! We are hiring for a Supply Assistant.

Job Opportunities

Looking for a job that “makes a difference?” We have it!

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Our award-winning company is one of the oldest and largest Senior Move Management companies in the country. Our philosophy is to create an easy transition for our clients during what can be an overwhelming time.

The quality of our service depends highly on having professional, capable, competent, and compassionate employees. We consider each employee to be critical to our success and an integral part of our team.

If you have a passion for working with older adults, are a self-directed, hard worker and want a job where you can"make a difference", Gentle Transitions could be a wonderful fit.

Some details about the positions and our philosophy:

Typically, Gentle Transitions hires part-time workers only.  Our work is on-demand, as-needed, therefore, if you require a minimum number of hours or a regular schedule this is likely not the right fit.  It is possible to go for a week without working during slower times of the year.

The majority of our jobs are two-day commitments, with the first day including packing typically from 9:00 a.m. until early to mid-afternoon.  The second day includes unpacking/resettling and starts mid to late morning and lasts until mid to late afternoon.  Approximately 20% of our jobs are internal moves, one-day moves within the same community, and those days can be longer.  Each job varies in length, some short and some longer.

Our work takes place in our clients’ homes, so reliable transportation for jobs throughout the Twin Cites is required.  Comfort and willingness to drive around the Twin Cities metro is mandatory.

Many of our employees come to us looking for work that keeps them active.  The packing and unpacking is physical work and you are on your feet for the majority of the job-bending, stretching, reaching etc.  We do not lift heavy boxes or furniture, we hire moving companies for that. However, some light lifting and carrying may occur. This is an important factor to consider prior to interviewing.

Various roles:

  • Move Managers: oversee the overall details related to the client's move.  They work directly with clients, meeting with them to describe our process and how we assist them with their particular needs.  They oversee the Gentle Transitions team of employees on each job.  They are the master resource to the client, assisting them with floor planning for their new residence and helping with dispersing of possessions that may not be going to the new residence.  All Move Managers start as Packing Assistants and then train as Move Managers.
  • Packing Assistants: assist with packing, unpacking and totally resettling.
  • Supply Assistants: assist with loading/unloading the company van in our Edina office with requested supplies, assisting in packing/unpacking, properly preparing lamps, packing larger items, hanging items including pictures, setting up computer/stereo, etc.
  • Sorters: this is a niche role of assisting clients with pre-sorting prior to their move.  Approximately 20% of our employees choose to get trained in this role.  It allows a closer relationship with the client, as one works independently (without the supervision of a Move Manager) in our clients' homes, assisting them in sorting and decluttering prior to a move.  This involves an additional training and a wage increase while on jobs in this role.

Our employees share the reward of gaining great satisfaction from working with our clients and helping them through a stressful and often overwhelming time.  Our employees are a responsible, dedicated, professional and a very compassionate group who enjoy the camaraderie of working with a team.

Diane Bjorkman talks with Star Tribune about the Gentle Transitions employee program.

We are not currently hiring, but please check back occasionally as our needs do change.

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