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Client Ratings & Testimonials

Gentle Transitions senior relocation services Minnesota president, Diane Bjorkman

We're proud of what our clients say about us!

~ Diane Bjorkman, president of Gentle Transitions, Minnesota.

Client Ratings of Satisfaction

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Client Testimonials

Paul and I have done nothing but RAVE about our experience with Gentle Transitions. Our Move Manager was the best! Thoughtful, kind, thinking ahead of client’s needs and deserving the HIGHEST praises! We have had 26 moves — none done this smoothly!

P. & J. A. - Edina, MN

Dear G.T.

This service was worth every penny-… We couldn’t have done it without you! All of our friends say you are the best kept secret in Minneapolis and expect a call from them when their time comes……………

Sincerely, Jean - Maplewood, MN

Dear Melissa,

Enclosed is a copy of my book Words of Hope for All Times. I am sending you a copy in appreciation for the outstanding work in planning and leadership you gave to my move to the third floor to the sixth floor apartment. Members of my family and I marvel at how you could hang every picture and item in the place where it belongs. We thank our Lord for you and the movers. God bless you in your ministry of helping persons in the difficult transition of moving.

Sincerely, Pastor Berg - Minneapolis, MN

“It was great meeting with you yesterday. Thank you so much for making time to meet with us. My dad said about 10 times after you left that he felt so much better about the move now, and that you're amazing.”


I have worked with Barb Holmquist, Move Manager for Gentle Transitions for four moves. It has been a wonderful experience. Each move has gone flawlessly. Barb has a wonderful staff that assists her with the physical move. She and her staff puts things back in their place where you left it. It is a great experience.

Doug Person, age 69, - Bloomington, MN

Thank you for understanding… But more importantly thank you for all you do. I can think of several occasions where you guys were just angels sent from heaven to support our families.

Sincerely, Amanda Ann Waite - St. Paul, MN

Dear Jim, (Move Manager),

Dorothy and I wish to express our appreciation to you and your team for the excellent work you did in accomplishing our move from Golden Valley to Parkshore Place. The actual move lived up to everything in the Gentle Transitions brochure, as well as what we learned from friends who have used your services.

We were particularly impressed with the care given our items to be moved, the competence and speed with which you and your team worked while maintaining an atmosphere of friendliness and understanding during this stressful experience.

And please stop at Apt #111 whenever you have a few moments at Parkshore Place.

Sincerely Al W. - Deephaven, MN

Thanks to Gentle Transitions for making a difficult day as easy as it could have been! I really don’t know how this move could have been made without the fine help of your team. Thanks so very much!

Carla L. - Chanhassen, MN

"10." It was a difficult move with shipments going to 2 places. Our Move Manager was competent and cheerful throughout, even when it looked overwhelming to us. Have recommended GT a dozen times.

M & S Johnson - Eden Prairie, MN

Dearest Cindy & Crew: thank you SO very much for the love and kindness you provided during a stressful time. Verda is and remains thrilled with your services and your creation of her "lovely nest"! She says to especially thank the lady who handled all her crystal. Thank you also from me! You could not have done ANYTHING any BETTER than you did!

Warmly, Janis A. - Minneapolis, MN

To the Lehman’s,

Thank you for making one of the most stressful events in one’s life tolerable-in fact an exciting adventure. Your Move Manager was extremely well organized, capable and had a refreshing, cheerful, “anything is possible” attitude! The bouquet of tulips, note cards, and even chocolate kisses on my pillow were a nice touch. It was difficult to believe that 39 years worth of possessions could be so efficiently sorted, packed and unpacked. I will not be moving again in my lifetime, but I will definitely encourage my friends to take the stress free “Gentle Transitions” route!

Sincerely, Lois W. - Shoreview, MN

"Such an easy way to reduce stress and worries with moving-at 87 years, this is the only way to move!"

M.J. Peters '08 - North Oaks, MN

Dear GT crew,

Thanks for all the expertise in planning, packing and unpacking. It was wonderful to have a “settled” look to the townhouse and within the same day! I was able to have my club-a group of 9 women-for a meeting in my new home just days after Move Day. My friends were surprised that so much was in place-THANKS to GT.

Therese - Eagan, MN

Gentle Transitions made the actual move easy. October 18th at 9 AM, an ungodly hour for me, Karen, along with six wonderful woman swarmed throughout my two story house and packed the place up in about three hours. The next day at 9 AM, three male movers arrived to load the truck. At 1 PM, the women arrived at Flagstone to unpack and help make choices where my things should go. By 5 PM, the pictures were hung, the closets were full, dishes were in their new places and I had a new home. Shortly after, my niece Elizabeth said it looked like I had lived there for years. Gentle Transitions is amazing!

Gentle Transitions client

Client Family Testimonials

I have to tell you we have nothing but the highest praise for phase 1 of my mother's move with Gentle Transitions. You were patient with all my questions over the phone from my home in Texas and managed my expectations so well. Move managers Nancy Anderson and Susan Kulm were so thorough and attentive. They conscientiously led your Gentle Transitions packers and the A1 movers to deliver outstanding care of my mother's belongings and empathetic service to a 96-year-old leaving so much behind to go to Assisted Living.

Thank you!, Tracy - daughter

On behalf of our mother, my sister and brothers, I want you to know how well we thought mom’s move went last week. Mom is a tough customer, and from your initial contact you forged both a personal bond and a professional relationship. What you were able to accomplish between 9-4 was nothing short of a miracle. A service organization is only as good as its associates. We now understand why Gentle Transitions comes so highly recommended.

My best, John - Minneapolis, MN

We were lucky enough you use Gentle Transitions for a move for my In-laws. They had lived in the same house for over 40 years. They left their state to move closer to us. The move had many challenges, as you can imagine. Gentle Transitions moved them with grace, professionalism and efficiency. Imagine what a relief it was to have a house full of 40 years of stuff not only moved, but unwrapped and placed perfectly in my in-laws new home. They could sit back and relax, while a wonderful staff did all the hard work.

Gentle Transitions went above and beyond our expectation and took the stress out of moving for everyone involved. The owners and staff make you feel so safe and secure. They are there to help with every step of the process and to answer any questions you might have. When you see the results you won't believe your eyes.

Thank you Gentle Transitions. We really could not have made this move successful if were not for your company.

Lisa Miller

Dear Cindy/Melissa,

Just a note to say that we've had a very positive experience using Gentle Transitions with my mother's move from a 2 bedroom independent living apartment to one room in assisted-living, then from an assisted-living room to a similarly sized healthcare room, and finally to close out her healthcare room after her passing. There were no family members in town to oversee these moves, they were all done without direct involvement from the family. We had expected a rocky, frustrating experience trying to have these activities done when we weren't present, but GT went above and beyond, exceeding our expectations, and accomplishing all activities with little or minimal involvement from the out-of-town family. Your communication throughout these episodes was excellent.
I'm usually a bit cynical so, initially, I was skeptical that GT could deliver the services as advertised but you were recommended by FV and we were in a bind. As I said in the email Cindy (and Melissa) did a fantastic job and took so much of the worrying out of the process. I don't mean to gush so much but considering how bad things could have gone by hiring the wrong people, you made it so much more easy to focus on the "important things" during these stage of life transition points.

A more than satisfied customer - Kurt

Dear Gentle Transitions Staff,

It was a total pleasure working with you to help facilitate my mother’s move to Parkwood Shores. Between the competence and compassion of your company and “the guys” my mother was actually thrilled with the move. I have bragged about your services to anyone who has been willing to listen………

Thank you so much! Susan (daughter) - Louis Park, MN

Today, while following up on our clients move, her daughter said when her mom laid down for her nap this afternoon she said in her prayers , "Thank you God for Gentle Transitions."

Move Manager - Minnetonka, MN

Dear Pam (Move Manager)
How do I say Thank You to you? I was so lucky to be able to have you and your wonderful team do my mothers move for me. I could tell you love your job and the constant smile on your face and all the encouragement and kind thoughts really helped me through a rough sudden move with my mother. I am so impressed. The movers were a pleasure to work with also. You are all truly a team. I have told everyone about you and your Gentle Transitions. I am sorry we didn’t know about your service before.

It is always so nice to work with someone like you Pam, who likes their job, knows their job, plus has people skills and a personality and compassion. Wow, I am still so impressed. I count you as a new friend and hope to see you again sometime. Thanks for everything.

Judie H, (Clara’s daughter) - Oak Park Heights, MN

I just wanted to thank your company for helping me move my aunt, Hildegard Schwankl. Our coordinator was Janice Parranto, and she did a great job. The people who came and packed everything up and recreated a home for Hildegard in her new place were also wonderful. Even the moving company guys were very kind and courteous. Thank you for really living up to your promise. It is so rare to find a service-oriented company that actually offers good service. I will spread the word about your company and your fine employees.

Best, Mary Flanagan - Hopkins, MN

Moving Professionals Testimonials

As we approach our 1-year anniversary in a few weeks, we cannot help but feel overwhelmed with gratitude for Gentle Transitions and all the help they have given to so many of our residents as they moved in. It's incredible to be able to say that our Independent Living apartments are all reserved and will soon all be moved into. So many of our Arbor and Assisted Living apartments are also full. An incredible amount of those spaces were moved into with the help of your GT team. Please share our gratitude with your entire team!

Gentle Transitions Moving Professional client

Hello Ginna – I think everyone should give Gentle Transitions a five star rating!!

Thank you for sharing. Delphine is a very remarkable woman and she does like things a certain way so her review is a true testament of how wonderful y’all are.

Enjoy the day

Jill Farina - The Waters of Excelsior

I recently had a reminder of the vital role you play in a senior relocating from their home.

I met up in the elevator with a new resident that had moved in to our senior community 4 weeks earlier. I made the comment that I had not seen her out and about. Her response to me was that she and her 70 year old daughter were still dealing with unpacking and settling in! I thought what a shame it is that she was still so tired out with this processm and unable to join in the activites and social events for an entire month.

Thank you for enhancing the lives and experience of those that choose to use your services.

Marti Briest - Assistant Property Manager, Vernon Terrace of Edina

"I have worked with Gentle Transitions for over 6 years both with my personal family and for my clients. Given the level of professional service and assistance that they provide I would immediately refer them to anyone. Moving can be a very traumatic event and knowing that GT will be their before, during and after the move to ensure that the clients needs are being cared for is a welcome service, especially for my trust clients."

D. Jebbens, U. S. Bank Private Client Group - St. Paul, MN


I cannot thank you enough for all you did during the move last Friday! The resident who was moving was not easy to work with but you handled the situation perfectly. The resident was very impressed by all you did and she is settling in her new apartment much faster then we could have anticipated. It is always tough moving from a large space into something smaller but the movers and the staff at Gentle Transitions couldn't have handled things better! Thank you so very much for everything…

Housing Counselor, Cottage Grove

I love referring to you, you do a great job. All I hear are praises 🙂

S. S. Bloomington, MN 8/9/12

At McKenna Crossing we did some major re-modeling which required us to ask 8 of our residents to move to a different apartments. This presented a major upheaval in the lives of these seniors and for their families. Needless to say, this plan was not popular to those affected. However, using Gentle Transitions to handle all the moves provided a tremendous help in easing their irritation. The residents knew they were in good hands. The moves were handled efficiently, professionally, and very thoroughly. Thanks to Gentle Transitions, a situation that could have been a public relations disaster for our residents actually turned into a very pleasant and 'care free' experience. We felt fortunate to be able to partner with Gentle Transitions in this effort.

Mark Moilanen, Campus Administrator, McKenna Crossing, Prior Lake

In my role as Marketing Director at several senior communities in the metro area, I have recommended Gentle Transitions frequently. Every family who has used your services sings your praises and said they would refer your services to any of their friends.

You make the move seamless. You make their life feel much more calm. The person who is moving is less overwhelmed and more relaxed about the entire process because you take control and offer them the confidence that all of their possessions are in good hands and will be well taken care of throughout the move.

I recommend you highly to everyone who moves - not necessarily seniors. Anyone can benefit from your wonderful service! Thank you for the outstanding job you do, for the much needed service you provide, and for the quality of team members you hire. You have a great team who are in this business for the right reason!

York Gardens Marketing - Edina, MN

I've had the wonderful fortune of working with Diane and the amazing team of individuals she surrounds herself with as a part of Gentle Transitions. It is quite evident how important customer and business relationships are to Diane as she takes the time to really listen to the needs of each person and respects their individual story to then be able to deliver on the promises she and her team make. Diane exudes the meaning, of not only a good business person but that of a GREAT business person. Diane's partnership is invaluable to the individuals/families she serves as well as the businesses she partners with.

Edina Park Plaza, - Edina, MN

Dear Gentle Transitions,

I have heard of the things that your company has done for many others, but I have never seen you “in action”. When I walked into my client’s apartment, I was amazed. It was as if someone had been living there for months. Everything had its home. My client has settled in beautifully, thanks to the help of all your staff.

Your services are truly a gift to the people you work with. I have always recommended your services to the clients that I work with, but now, I will be encouraging all my clients to utilize your services to make such a difficult life event seem so smooth and comforting. You all are truly wonderful!!”…

Director of Marketing - Golden Valley, MN

Hi Diane!

Just wanted to pass on some praise about your amazing move manager Pamela. She is wonderful to work with…always looking out for the best interest of the resident! She always has a smile on her face and goes out of her way to help! She does a great job with communicating any and all changes – checks in when she gets here and checks out when they are finished to make sure everything is completed. Please pass on the thank you from our AL team!

Catie Oswald, LSW, Resident Services Director, Boutwells Landing

It has been my pleasure to know and work with Diane Bjorkman and Bill Lehman, owners of Gentle Transitions, for nearly a decade. They have managed many moves in to and out of the senior housing facility I marketed and, together, we assisted many seniors transition into a new lifestyle. Time and again, these seniors and their loved ones commented on the wonderful service they received from Diane and Bill throughout the entire process. Diane and and I have also partnered in conducting seminars on issues related to senior housing and the moving process. I have always found Diane and Bill to be efficient and sensitive to their clients' needs; reliable, trustworthy and always professional.

Marketing Director, Senior Retirement Community - Roseville, MN

Dear Bill and Diane,

I want to take a moment to say how pleased I am with Pamela Crandall and her crew! Pamela had the right people there doing the right things at the right time...and three or four of them turned a room that was FULL of stuff into a decent room -without any fanfare!! Modern miracles were being performed right before my very eyes.
I am so impressed with your professional and very pastoral folks. Thanks so much for your ministry of transition, organization and flexibility.

IF you have REWARDS within your organization - Pamela and her crew deserve the BLUE RIBBON or the PURPLE HEART...

Judith Jewison, OP, PhD - Minneapolis, MN

When this incident occurred, I did not have any doubts in my mind that GT would not act in the most professional manner possible. I had no doubt that GT would not resolve this to the satisfaction of the customer, and I had no doubt that GT would not bend over backwards to settle and resolve this efficiently and graciously. We believe in Gentle Transitions and all of its employees.

Most sincerely - Marketing Director, - Bloomington, MN 55438

Your people were professional, listening to the client and acting in accordance with their wishes, not yours. Your Move Manager was helpful and wonderful.

Jerry O. - Bloomington, MN

"I know I can refer my clients to Gentle Transitions and never give it another thought, knowing they are in the hands of the experts."

Cynthia Frances -Senior Professional

Dear Bill and Diane,

Having just visited with the newly located (client) family, I am motivated to thank and compliment you again for the fine services you provide to my senior clients.
Even after working with Gentle Transitions for over 12 years, and dozens of moves, I continue to be amazed at the organization of your staff and the speed in which they get moves done in just one day.

Ted Field, ReMax - Edina, MN

Diane and her company Gentle Transitions enjoy a stellar reputation in the Twin Cities senior services community and it is easy to see why. As Director of Sales for Ebenezer, I've had the pleasure of working with Diane to develop public education presentations at our senior living sites. Diane's willingness to partner with Ebenezer to provide valuable resources through her presentations and through the services provided by Gentle Transitions makes our client's lives easier. Diane's optimistic demeanor and her willingness to always look for solutions is refreshing. I'd enthusiastically recommend Gentle Transitions and Diane personally to clients and to peers in the senior services sector.

Director of Sales, Ebenezer, - Minneapolis, MN

Over the past years, I have observed over 450 members who have moved into 7500 York Cooperative. We gather new members and ask them what helped them make the transition successful. The most common answer is from those who used the services of Gentle Transitions... Our staff and community can see the look on the new members eyes and body language of those who have used Gentle Transitions because they are upright, smiling and laughing the day after the move. Those members who do all the packing and unpacking themselves, report they still have boxes all over their unit a month after they moved in, who are bent over with back strain and physical illness for their first months of residence. As one of our new members stated, "Gentle Transitions provides is worth it's weight in gold."

Barbara Murphy, Dir. of Marketing - 7500 York Cooperative - Edina, Minnesota

Diane Bjorkman is valued by so many senior care providers in the Twin Cities. Her vast knowledge and compassion for seniors has made her company a successful in so many ways. She has become one of the leading resources for many professionals due to her participation in numerous senior aging groups and committees. I have always been impressed with her ability to communicate and sense of loyalty when working with seniors, caregivers, and other healthcare professionals. She is a true asset to the senior living industry.

Christine Drasher - Director of Admissions & Marketing, Emerald Crest - Minneapolis, MN

We just had a resident use this service - he has no children - it was a breeze...two thumbs up for the service.

Robin R. Rinke, New Perspective, - Columbia Heights, MN

Dear Diane & Bill,

I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful job you do with your clients. My client did shop around and was shocked at the cost of services, until she met with a few other companies. The pricing she found was higher and without the attention to detail and caring support you provide. She knows now that every penny she spent was well worth the price and she was able to feel totally settled in her new home the very first night she was there, just as promised! It is always a pleasure to work with you on a client’s behalf. Gentle Transitions continues to be the BEST!

Lori La Bey, Alzheimer's Speaks - St. Paul, MN

As a professional who has worked in senior housing and health care services for over 25 years, I have personally witnessed the benefits to our residents who entrusted their moving process to Gentle Transitions. The kind and helpful staff of Gentle Transitions assist our residents at a time when the stress of a move can be detrimental to physical and emotional health. The resident clients I have served who use Gentle Transitions, experience a more successful and ‘gentle transition’ to their new home.

The details of a moving are overwhelming, especially for older adults. Gentle Transitions completely manages as much detail as their client permit, resulting in a smooth and seamless process. As a provider, I have been at ease knowing that every detail for a new resident is taken care of when I know that Gentle Transitions is managing the move. Gentle Transitions provides a most personal, yet professional touch in their service to older adults. Their services are highly recommended to prospective residents when I am aware of the need for moving assistance.

Mark E. A., Housing Director, Walker Plaza

I would highly recommend the Gentle Transitions team, to any family looking for help with their move. I have known Diane for many years, and she is always Professional, and Courteous. She is full of energy, and is very creative. Her team will take the worry and stress out of your loved ones move to a Senior Facility. In all my dealings with Diane she has always demonstrated the highest level of integrity. I would highly recommend Diane and her company Gentle Transitions. Vitaly Salo, CSA Executive Director Home Instead Senior Care

Vitaly Salo, CSA - Owner, Home Instead Senior Care - Burnsville, MN

Dear Member in Transition,

.....Our staff and community can see the look on the new members eyes and the body language of those who have used Gentle Transitions, because they are the new members that are upright, smiling and laughing the day after they move. This is in contrast to those who do all the packing and unpacking themselves that report they still have boxes all over their unit a month after they moved in, who are bent over with back strain and physical illness for their first months of residency. Choosing to delegate the task of moving to Gentle Transitions is a step in the right direction to not only protect your physical well being but your emotional psychological well being. Delegating this type of work to the professionals is often more effective than having your children assisting you. Adult children mean well, but family relationships can get very strained under the stress of moving and they don't always know how to help. ...Delegate this to the professionals and your family will be amazed at how smoothly the transition will proceed. As one of our new members stated, "What Gentle Transitions provides is worth it's weight in gold."

Barb Murphy, Director of Marketing, 7500 York - Edina, MN

Dear Diane,

...The services that you can bring through Gentle Transitions go a long way in helping this more stress free lifestyle become a reality.

Paul Sentman, President, - Oakedale, MN

Dear Diane and Bill,

...The services provided by Gentle Transitions always seems to go that extra mile as they so "gently" settle their clients into their new homes, on schedule, without additional challenges to the management of the cooperative. For that you deserve kudo's.

It is refreshing to have a business of this caliber available as a wonderful resource in the successful marketing and opening of a cooperative.

Nancy Soman, Marketing Consultant, Fresh Start Ventures - Minneapolis, MN

As a realtor, I run into sellers all the time who want or need to sell their homes, but the whole moving process overwhelms them.  The process of de-cluttering and moving is physically demanding to the healthiest!   Families who would normally help their parents in the process of moving can be spread out across the country or time starved by the demands of work and family. I highly recommend Gentle Transitions as a resource to fill that gap.  My clients who have used their services rave about them and their families thank me.    They know their family member has been well taken care of.  It's a win/win for both!

Linda Smaby-Edina Realty - Minneapolis, MN

Good evening care team! I just wanted to let you all know that I went to a great Care Team Leaders meeting last night. The presentation was given by Diane Bjorkman, owner of Gentle Transitions moving company. I had my reservations but I must admit she blew my sox off. This company is unreal. They will pack everything up, sell things via auctions,estate sales,online etc, then they will unpack it all and place everything as close to what it had been before the move as possible (everything from where the tooth brushes were to furniture. It really is an amazing company, and they do it all with compassion and grace. Not only is this a good resource for our care partners, but also our aging family and friends."

Kelly (Volunteer Church Outreach Leader) - Minneapolis, MN