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Assisting Retirement Communities


Project Management for Senior Retirement Communities

Whether assisting with 8 internal moves or 81 moves to a new building, Gentle Transitions can make it happen. We are experienced in large scale relocation projects and would be happy to assist you. Click here for examples and testimonials of the large scale projects as of 2022

Complementing Retirement Communities' Marketing Efforts

Our senior move management services can remove the obstacle of "the move", allowing your prospects to be settled into your community in far less time than if they managed the move on their own. See testimonials from Senior Housing Professionals.

We are happy to supply brochures to share with your community. Request brochures from

Seminar Options

Existing communities – Gentle Transitions often provides Moving Tips or Downsizing seminars as an opportunity for you to get new prospects through the doors of your retirement community. Learn more about Gentle Transitions Senior Moving Seminars.

New senior community developments – In addition, our seminars have become a valued tool for pre-opening events for new senior developments, offering tips and resources to make the incoming resident's move stress free.

Retirement Community Incentives

As a feature to attract clients or help their clients overcome the barrier to their decision to move, many senior housing communities offer their clients a $ moving incentive towards Gentle Transitions services, offering to pay for all or part of the move costs. This turns your "prospect" into a "resident" in a much more timely manner.